This whole gay thing

I've been getting all kinds of articles emailed to me about the anti-gay bill Uganda is talking about. Obviously it's extreme and obviously I think it's wrong. I'm not going to make some political statement, because I think it's kind of a trite argument to make- We're good and right, they're wrong and backwards I think is the basic premise. Maybe Pat will write about it since he needs something other than watching the Pacific Northwest rain to fill his time, and talking politics is probably more up his alley anyway. Anyway, to kind of understand where this thing is coming from you have to understand that society as a whole takes a different stance on homosexuality. The following is taken from the 3rd most read daily newspaper in Uganda, the Red Pepper:

"We have Homos in Cabinet"
-Top Bumshafter Ssebagala Reveals Who Plays Side B

The homos in Uganda have gone on rampage and are now making daring claims that some of their members are cabinet ministers. Ssebagala a top self confessed homo leader who stays in Uganda and in America called Sunday Pepper last night with hair-raising claims that at least four members of the current cabinet are homos.
He sounded furious and abused editors of the Red Pepper for publishing names of homosexuals in Uganda.

He said that the tabloid should stop tampering with the bum shafters because some of them are highly placed in government and have capacity to hit back. “You see, you are not really dealing with people that you can pillory and harass at will and they go away. We are not going anywhere!

“But if your research were as good as you would have Ugandans believe, then you would know that there are many more male and female gays in positions of responsibility in Uganda, and yes, some have served in government and cabinet over the years. Many are married to women and have children so we have to respect their privacy since we understand that they marry to keep their true feelings secret,” he said
Later when Ssebaggala was pressed, he in his fury gave out several names of people in cabinet and parliament whom he claims are homos.

For legal considerations we have decided to withhold the names of these ‘honourable’ members.
Our independent investigations had also zeroed on some members of the August house who are believed to be top homos.“I know some of these people even got money for campaigns from gay organizations abroad,” our source told us last night.


Just another daily reminder that Africa is not California.


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