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For better or worse, this little corner of the internets has been sitting on ice cubes for awhile now. I no longer write on it because I no longer feel like I have anything exciting and noteworthy to say, and I'm not really dedicated or skilled enough to try and write interesting thoughts about mundane topics. I'm back home doing normal home things, which is kind of a let down after my life of fighting murderous baboons and drinking lumpy beer from gas cans. In the process of trying to find a company willing to give me money on a regular basis for use of my skill(z), it came to my attention that in this modern world of ours people really do Google your name to find out if you're some kind of weirdo. Such that this is the cornerstone of my web presence, I figure I should probably give my little soapbox one last lick of paint.

So without further ado: Picture Me Walkin's Greatest Hits, as determined by a committee of one and in no particular order.

5 Sweeping Generalizations about Africa
Forget what you heard, I'm here to reaffirm your stereoypes.
Uganda 1, Me 0
In which Luke narrowly escapes a gruesome death.
Night Terrors
In which Patrick has his first encounter with the fabled beasts of Africa.
In which Patrick tempts fate (again).
A Gypsy in Rasta's Clothing
A merry jaunt through the countryside with a new "friend," with predictable results.
Bigups 2 da Selektaman, Bumbaclot 4 da Haters
A hard hitting journalistic piece on the Ugandan pop music scene.
R.I.P. Tin Can Tony I
A loving tribute to our dear indomitable cloven-hooved friend Tony.
It's not all Mangoes and Zebras
Luke gets spooked by an unexpected visit to the hospital, and briefly becomes serious.
Reflections for a Bulgarian Socialist
Patrick makes use of his fancy "college education" and shares some "thoughts" on the state of the microfinance industry.
The End of Africa


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