Three Cheers for Plan B

So, Luke has hopefully covered most of the outlines of what we're expecting to do on this Africa trip. Which is appropriate, actually, because Luke has really been in the driver's seat for this whole thing. Yeah, we'd talked about doing some things, but until he called me, I was basically sitting in a cubicle in Cambridge, trying to convince myself to apply to law school.

Close call. Next stop, darkest Africa.

In other fun news, I start the malaria meds this week. According to the awkward Bavarian doctor at the travel clinic, the pills may or may not give you "LSD dreams." Is it weird that I'm really looking forward to starting this?

Let us know if you're reading. Leave some love in the comments.


  1. Very Nice Pill. Will be looking forward to updates.

  2. This trip sounds vastly more interesting than law school.


  3. Those pills sound dangerous. Good luck!



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