New Beginnings

Well, Friday is my last day at Industrial Economics, where I've been consulting at the nexus of policy, economics and the environmental for the last 2+ years. Despite the (very) occasional complaint, I have to say that it's been a pretty rewarding experience overall. I've gotten a chance to work with smart and interesting people, made some good friends and learned a lot. I don't want to get too philosophical about these things, so even though it's tough to leave some people behind here, I think we'll just leave it with a 'good times were had by all' and move on.

IEc Ski Day - it's been a tough last week at the office

Luke is coming to Boston on Sunday afternoon. Clearly, we are just running around like crazy at this point, trying to make sure we have everything before we take off (zero chance of that happening). We've been lucky to get some good advice from people on what to bring and what to pick up in Uganda, but of course if anyone out there has any other suggestions, don't be shy.

We're also having pretty good luck connecting with people already in Uganda. It's amazing how many one degree of separation folk are there already; I just got an email from a girl from Tufts who knows a good friend of mine here in Cambridge. It sounds like we have a future bff waiting to show us the best in Kampalan breakfast food and sweet dance moves.

It's all just so exciting.


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