Microfinance Tour

Exciting times around here. We're leaving tomorrow morning for a tour of microfinance projects in the Southwest with the Business School in Kampala. It just so happens that the Southwest is ALSO alledgedly one of the more scenic regions of an already quite scenic country, so clearly we're looking forward to that.

As an added bonus, it sounds like we will be joining a school from somewhere in the midwest for the tour, so we get to hang around with a bunch of Americans. Should be fun, as long as they don't bring any of that swine flu along for the ride. We may even briefly get to play the role of grizzled, experienced field workers. On that note, we spent last night at the same hostel in Kampala that we were staying in when we first got to the country. This time around, we're much less surprised/terrified by cockroaches, lizard attacks, monkey fights, etc. The experience was almost like going back to visit your elementary school after getting grown, where everything looks just a bit smaller, duller and less intimidating than you'd remembered it.

In other news, our visas are about to expire, meaning that (a) we've been here for three months now, and (b) we have a solid excuse to make a quick trip out of the country to renew that visa. Kigali anyone? Why not.

Ooooh. And we ate some fried grasshopper today at the beach. How worldly did I feel when I could say that it tasted just like ants without batting an eye. And when our Ugandan buddies were impressed and grossed out that we ate ants? All I can say is solid work, Field Directors Philips.


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