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So the weird dreams came back with a vengeance last night:

It's game day for Oregon Ducks basketball. I'm at Mac court and people are streaming by.
(Home Sweet Home)

I run into some lady that apparently has a job I want. So we sit down at a plastic table and chairs (a restaurant/bar standard in Uganda) in front of the ticket window. We are talking about this and that, job interview stuff and Pat walks up. We call to him but he's like sleep walking or something because he's dead to the world. He comes up and places a stack of 3 project description documents on the table (this is something we do at every meeting). She picks them up and looks at them: "What are these?"

Document 1: The first is titled something like "What's important to us." There a bunch of chicken scratch and halfway down there is a subheading that says "Crumpled Peanut Sandwich." At this point Pat reaches into his pocket and pulls out a wadded up peanutbutter sandwich and splats it onto the table.

Document 2: Is a more or less normal document except every like 5th or so letter is blanked out with Whiteout.
Pat: "This one is a work in progress, do you see anything missing?"
Her: "yea, there are all these letters missing."
Pat: "What? No, there's no date at the top."

Document 3: About the same except there's a website at the bottom. She says "What's this URL at the bottom?" Pat responds: "Oh, that's my personal website."


I, no joke, laughed myself awake.


  1. Dr. Abu al-WazeeMay 27, 2009 at 7:53 PM

    Most talk of dreams is really only interesting to the dreamer, but that was hilarious. I don't know why that's so funny but I nearly peed myself.

  2. I wish that was a real website. Any plans for a blog offshoot?


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