Therapist's Chair V.4

So, unfortunately, I don't remember my dreams as well as Pat. Here what I have to work with:

I had a timemachine, but it was broken and could only go to the industrial revolution.

It was also a Transmogrifier ala Calvin and Hobbes. I got turned into some historically significant martyr from the time period but I don't remember who. In the dream I knew who I was, and realized that I was this guy right before his big moment in the spotlight.

That's about it.


  1. Ok, we'll go Freud on this one:

    Industrial Revolution. That makes sense- huge socioeconomic change. People's social lives assimilating to the economic & commercial juggernaut of the future. Sounds right up the ol' alley of Maple reps delivering the values of a mainstream financial system. More or less? Maybe now you're sleeping and you'll wake soon to find your furry comrade egging you on to your life of martyrdom.

    also, calvin and hobbes you say?
    john calvin- reformist.
    hobbes- political philosopher.

    ...and tigers are probably the most badass animals that exist, no?

  2. The ex-librarianMay 9, 2009 at 9:02 AM

    Maybe you became one of the original Luddites in England and mistook your time machine for a power loom and smashed it yourself


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