The Nile

We went to the Nile river in Jinja last week for an afternoon of relaxation. A little sun, a few beers, the Indian equivalent of fajitas. All around it was a good time. It was not that different than your average Oregon-style summer afternoon chillaxing at the rio, except it was the Nile. Y'know the river you read about, with pyramids, crocodiles that eat you whole, and sleeping sickness where you wake up dead. It wasn't really all that though, just a river- albeit a massive one. It was big, it was fast, it was nice.

Though I guess it wasn't too big and too fast for this dude to float the Nile on a jerry can.

If you've spent time in Africa, you know a jerrycan when you see it. A jerrycan is like the one object no household can do without. It's a big plastic container with a handle for carrying liquid- like a gas can basically. Considering that the vast, vast majority of the population doesn't just spin a tap and have water where they want it, this becomes a pretty handy thing to own.

If nothing else, The Nile is a major tourist trap. After three months in Africa I saw for the first time the things we associate with Africa. People playing "traditional" music, for one. Though most of the instruments probably came from China. It made me excited for rafting the Nile, whenever that may happen.


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