The Graveyard

In honor of those who are no longer with us:

Nambozo Hercules
? - June 29, 2009

A good chicken with a real lust for life. A family man who enjoyed enjoyed chicks, millet seed and the early morning. Seasoned with a cumin & coriander spice rub and served with roasted matooke, onions and irish potatoes. You will be missed.

Kintu Dwight Howard
? - July 03, 2009

A true prince among poultry who never hesitated to give to others. Never has a chicken been so strong and such an inspiring leader. Seasoned with black pepper and salt. Served with roasted matooke and fried cabbage.

Tin Can Tony I
? - July 04, 2009

Never before has such a noble goat graced this green earth. The memory of Tony will without a doubt be cherished for generations to come by all who knew him. Truly a goat with a passion for excellence. Tony, in death you live forever. Seasoned with red chili, served with mashed Irish potatoes, locaal brrew and chocolate cake.

Odongo Venus and Akello Serena
? - July 22, 2009

Though we knew you only briefly, our lives are the richer for it. Chickens who loved and were loved by all who met them. Seasoned with a dry rub spice medley and served with roasted matooke, sweet potato and onions, and a Mediterranean chickpea salad.

Survived by:
Nakayenze Kobe
Numkuta Lebron
Mafaba Romeo


  1. Dr. Abu al-WazeeJuly 27, 2009 at 6:58 PM

    You murderous bastard! How could you kill those poor defenseless creatures?

    Sounds like you've made peace with the food chain.

  2. How is it that I am feeling so sentimental and drooling at the same time?

    well done


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