Another day in the life

A while back we did a post about the morning routine around these parts. Lately, we have found ourselves "busy" enough that we can't exactly sit out in the sun for a few hours reading each morning (tough life, I know. We manage). On the other hand, we really don't need any alarm clock.

5:15 am - Call to Prayer goes out from the nearby mosque. Not too bad, if maybe a little odd at first. Honestly, it's not a bad sound to wake up to, though, and it would be totally fine, except that it wakes up the neighbor's rooster. Maybe he (the rooster) is Muslim too, I'm not really sure. Religion is sort of a touchy subject sometimes.

5:17 am - Obnoxious rooster next door comes over to make passes at our chickens, who must have no morals at all. The rooster is always prowling around, and these girls just don't know how to say "no."

5:18 am - 7:00 am - Rooster sets up shop in the yard, meaning that at times, he's probably 18 inches from my sleeping face, and starts to just disturb everyone. Seriously, I don't know what kind of burning trash this bird eats, but he has the loudest voice. Ever. To add to the fun, he usually he paces around the house, meaning that all three bedrooms get equal treatment. Sometimes he even jumps up into the windows to really bother people.

7:00 am - Someone gets too annoyed, gets up and tries to chase the rooster away. Typically, this involves throwing rocks, chairs, spears, old chicken bones or just a football.

7:07 am - Rooster returns, continues his morning song.

7:30 am - Another person gets up, tries to kill rooster. Fails.

7:32 am - Rooster returns. Etc. This goes on until the last person gets up.

The big problem is our chickens, Namakuta Kobe and Nakayenze Lebron. Like I said, these girls must be sending some pretty strong signals, cause the stinkin rooster (Mafaba Romeo) is around all day every day. I think we will solve this problem by what? by cutting off their heads and roasting their bodies with cumin and coriander. If the rooster still comes by after that, maybe we'll have to throw him on the grill too. That ought to really endear us to the neighbors.

* * * * *

By the way, for those that haven't heard, MAPLE's Summer Crew arrived a few weeks ago, meaning that Luke and I no longer have to play gin for four hours every night for entertainment. It's been fun seeing Uganda through fresh eyes, getting internet at the house and generally realizing just how much we have learned to like it here. Seriously, the days of "good God, how are we going to survive for six months" are long gone. Minor inconveniences (like hot water, cheese, eating raw foods, beer that tastes legitimately good) aside, it's just awesome.

It's also now officially fun to go out. Something about having a crew of girls to dance with. Not that dancing with Luke isn't a hurricane of fun, because it is. Also, somehow we get a lot more attention going out with three white girls. We have had a few fun conversations about our relationship to them. Sometimes, Luke is a Muslim with three wives, which the potential suitors usually don't believe, because everyone knows that white girls are too stubborn to be one of several wives. More often, they are just our cousin-sisters, which means that sometimes we even get to barGAIN about how much it would cost to marry one off. I'd settle for 10 cows and 25 goats, but I'll entertain any reasonable offers.

(MAPLE - Making the Boda Boda Man's dream come true, one friday night at a time)


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