Home is where the heat is

I haven't totally given up on blogging from Africa yet. Pat has been really the driving force behind getting content up on a reasonably often basis. Now that he's gone I'm going to have to step my game up. To this end I'm semi-resolving to stop procrastinating and start posting regularly no excuses. But umm I'm actually not going to start till tomorrow (or the next couple days or something) when I get back home to Mbale. Right now this is more of a 'look I'm still alive, don't give up on me yet' kind of deal.

Anyway, I'm back in Uganda. Pat is home but I decided to stay longer. Soon when I actaully start writing again I'll explain why. I also have a little post brewing about the future shock of reentering a culture not my own from a different culture not my own, and the normal things that strike me as weird and vice versa.

I went to the bus park today to put my new roommates on a bus back to mbale. It's hard to convey the experince acurately. Four white people weighed down with bags in a sea of men all stopping at nothing to get you on their bus. I was grabbed and forcibly pushed toward the wrong bus, I was phisically detained and told the bus I take several times a month doesnt exist. I was hit by a truck and nearly run over, I nearly got pulled into a fight between two ransoms when the crowd swallowed me up. I bargained my ass off and bribed a busdriver to watch my friends' bags. But we got them onto a bus home with no blood and maybe just a few tears. How and when did this become home to me?

It's 80 degrees like always, the beer is cheap like always, the matooke is green like always. Everything as it should be and in abundance.


  1. This is a very vivid bit of writing, my man!


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