Know what I'm hungry for?

Mysterious orange tropical fruit, that's what.

For some reason, these pictures never got posted. In the first, you will see Luke enjoying a "coconut," a robust, mid-bodied fruit that is best enjoyed after first beating it against a log for 10-20 minutes. Doing so softens the indigestible flesh, unlocking the crisp, floral flavors. Just remember to spit it out when you're done.

(don't lose a tooth)

This next is me, punishing a mango. What's important to appreciate in this picture is that there was a mango tree in our backyard in Lira, meaning every morning, we'd head out to the mango tree, grab the mango stick and knock down a delicious, ripe mango. Luke was much better at picking ripe mangos, while my specialty was finding hard, sour or rotten ones.

(for example, that mango looks pretty sour)

This was supposed to be a series, but through a combination of laziness, seasonality and camera theft, I can't seem to find any pictures of us eating jackfruit, which looks (and presumably tastes) like some kind of creepy pod of slimy alien eggs. Maybe if we all pray really hard, Luke will post a picture of the people selling jackfruit in Mbale...

(In case he doesn't, this one is stolen used legitimately from Sironko DV)

Next in our educational serious, Luke will cover mysterious tropical fruits starting with the letter "P."


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