I'm still in Africa

I have been talking to some people and there seems to be some confusion. There are two authors of this blog, myself and Patrick. Patrick is now back home in the US and writing gripping transcripts of conversations with the elderly. I, however am still here in Africa scratching around in the dirt and eating bugs.

I went back to Sipi Falls (the place we went for my birthday / 4th of July) with my new roommates for a little team building retreat. We had a good time, and saw our guy Juma the mountain guide again. We placed some flowers on the grave of the dearly departed Tin Can Tony I, and did our best to honor his memory with some quality Waragi soaked campfiring. Of course no Marple reatreat would be complete without Mr. Eddie.com debating a white girl about the relative merits of caning women and how best to treat a beezy like she aint shit. To that end he did his best to enlighten Rachel as to the fair 60/50 breakdown of rights in a relationship. As in women and men are equal, men are just more equal.

We went for a nice little monsoon dayhike Saturday afternoon. The first hour was really nice, not too hot not too cold. Then the sky just opened up and poured cats and frogs for the next 6 hours. All these crazy Oregonians refused to hide from the rain, so we got completely soaked- as wet as if I had gone swimming in my clothes. Luckily, since it's Africa, it was still pretty warm so it was fun. Hiking through streams above our ankles on like a 30 degree incline above a 200 foot cliff. All in all, a good time.

Oh, and finally. This doesn't really seem like that big a deal to me, but little tidbits like this tend to interest some people the most for some reason. The guys from the campsite where we were staying said that their cousin brother ran a matatu up there so we could get a ride back into town from him. I figured ok, one random 15 passenger van is as good as any other. The van shows up, its an 8 passenger van. There were 11 of us, plus the driver and conductor. It turns out 13 people in an 8 passenger van < 23 people in a 15 passenger van.

Since we were so overloaded, the driver decided to put more air in the rear tire. Cue the leaky bycicle pump with a plastic bag o-ring. At one point I told the amusing anecdote about the first time I came up to Sipi and our tire fell off and we had to lift the van oursleves because there wasn't a jack. The logical the question was raised as to why we didn't just "use the spare tire" right now. Since, upon closer inspection, we were currently sitting on 3 spare tires, that was out. Finally air having been taken care of it was time to fuel up, as we were currently past E. Cue soda bottle full of fuel. Somehow I don't think getting the car serviced entails quite the same things on Pat's road trips. Africa.


  1. I love you Luke. And Pat too. Thank you for the laughs and the vicarious adventure sans bug bites and pretty much everything you've eaten since you left Italy.


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