It rained today, and for once I was glad.

Everything's good around here. We're at the business school just kickin' it. Pat's doing some work revising our project proposal, so that means I'm doing nothing. As per usual. We've been meeting with execs from microfinance institutions in Kampala all week, which is absolutely awesome, We managed to get linked up with someone who is as entrenched in this stuff as you can be and is interested in working with us on a research paper using data from project. The stars really aligned for us on this one.

So the meetings have been an interesting thing. We are ALWAYS, no matter where, the worst dressed people in the room. By a wide margin, coat and tie vs flipflops. It was pretty uncomfortable at first, but we're getting over it. I guess people realize that 1) We're here to do field work out in the sticks up north and 2) our little white bodies aren't built for this climate.

So anyway, I am for the first time seeing how one could enjoy working in the greater finance field. I actually see how this degree could help me to get where I want, which is a nice change in pace. I am actually meeting people and thinking, his job would be cool. Rather than: wow, that must be really boring after the first few months. Plus fools be droppin terms like "discounted cash flows" and "capital expenditures," and I feel smart for being in the club.

Anyway, we're getting used to the heat now. We're starting to get a handle on life in Kampala (through a window, of course). We basically skipped the entire conference we were supposed to go to this week. Really there's no basically about it; we're not at the resort where its being held, we haven't registered and we have no intention of getting yammered at about stoves. The plan is to show up on the last day and post up by the pool, maybe shake a couple hands. These microfinance meetings have been much more relevant anyway, so tings is good mon.

The funny thing about all of this, is our project is turning out to be kinda similar to the main project I was working on at the bank. Plus we're getting into behavioral economics, which was the main focus of my psychology research at school (no brain scanning here, though). This time though, I actually enjoy it.


  1. It's pretty pretty pretty cool that your years at the U are proving to be relevant to work that you are liking.


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