The Jump Off

Well, it's time. We're both all packed and ready to go, now we're just kinda hanging out at the house waiting for the signal. It feels like just another day to me, probably at some point here I'm going to completely flip out. Or maybe I'm just ice.

I averted my first small-major crisis. I called my bank to tell them I'd be in Africa so don't freak out if there are weird charges. Imagine my surprise when they then told me that my one and only piece of plastic was set to expire the next day because some visa holding house had been hacked. "So do you want to come by and pick up a new card at your convenience?" Probably that's not an option. My bank is local, local to another time zone. So thanks to some helpful people at the bank, my dear old dad, and the good people at FedEx; crisis averted. No big deal.

Next up on the menu is getting from Heathrow to Gatwick without completely screwing the whole thing up.


  1. glad you got the card! thank god for game night, your dad, and FedEx... bon voyage !!!

  2. thanks to the wizard oz, too.

  3. Later dudes...keep posting so I can live vicariously while studying my ass off in the library.


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