10 things that woke me up last night/ early this morning

[Luke, Tuesday morning]

1. Every little dog and dog-like creature howling at the moon simultaneously. I woke up with no idea where I was and thought for sure Baby Jesus was coming home. Seriously, like dozens of little dogs coming from every direction. It was like in 101 Dalmatians, when all the dogs come out and night and start barking at eachother to spread the news about the dognapping. I woke up last night and immediately remembered that scene even though I haven't seen the movie in like 10 years.

2. Rambo, the big German Sheppard that lives in the yard where we are staying. It was very clear that when he started barking, they all listened and shut up for a while. Unfortunately, he had a lot to say and apparently was sleeping beneath my window.

3. A group of men running by singing and clapping in a call and response. I have no idea what this was, I'm 95% sure it really happened.

4. Roosters, lots of them.

5. Turkeys? gobbling.

6. Kids laughing and screaming

7. Adults yelling and chattering in Luo, the major language spoken up here in Lira. Every hour or so you drive in Uganda means there is a different predominant language. In Kampala it was Luganda, up here it is Luo.

8. Goats & cows

9. Velociraptor. Or possibly a pig, the jury's still out. Whatever it is, it sure aint happy.

10. A bird chirping that made the stereotypical whistle that one makes when a hot chick walks by. You know the one, weee-weooo. I guess that came from Africa? Or someone though Africa was distinctly lacking in cat-calls and imported one? Another scooby doo mystery..

The malaria meds are known to cause reaally weird, real-seeming dreams, so honestly none of this may have happened. And to the Leprechaun who stole my gold fillings: I know what you did, so don't think for a second that I'm chalking that ish up to the mephloquin. You gonna pay me what you owe.

BTW, my fears in the last post were unfounded. We weren't in town. Town is distinctly town-ish.


  1. 11. Luke snoring like a lumberjack. Just like he does every night


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