Saturday morning in Liratown

[Note: Reposted from two weeks ago because the pictures are too cool to miss]

Life is slowing down a lot now that we're in Lira. So far, there is not much of anything to do here, ever. We're still in the same house, no word on the new one. Last night we watched Ace Ventura and went to sleep at like 11, which was both an uncharcteristcally exciting and late night. Not much to do after the lights go down around here.

It's sunny and beautiful as always, we're starting to get less ghostly pale. We were sitting out in the backyard this morning just cheeyillin and had our first genuine encounter. There's this really big tree on the other side of the fence that's always shaking around- whatever probably birds or something. On a related note, we often hear the kids calling out monu (white guy) while we're just hangin around in our compound. It confused me, because it's not like there's many white people around these parts. Who are they talking about? Anyway, it turns out the big tree is, and probably always has been, full of kids. It's a big big tree. They see that we finally see them after all this time, and start yelling at us. So, after some sweet talking by Mr. Patrick Philips, Field Director, they start throwing us down mangos.

They then demanded that we come out and play futbol with them. We come out of the compound and there's like 20 or 30 little kids, probably all less than 10. It was as fun as it sounds, I'll post some pics next time. After they got bored took us back into the village and showed us the other sweet activity to do on a Saturday morning. It's a little mini hill with a little launchpad. They take turns throwing no-hands backflips and cartwheels off it into the dirt. Again, I'll post pics next time. We decide it's time to leave and go into town. One last thing we're told: One of the bigger kids climbs up onto a concrete structure of some type, maybe 6 feet tall, and does a backflip off it into the dirt.

Wow. These kiddies need a playground.


  1. Pill why don't you start an exercise regimen and lift weight for once in your damn life. No rock to climb now, eh?

  2. Nathan's here for the Seder which was inspiring, beautiful.

    I didn't know about the blog or forgot but have you always in my thoughts and prayers .

    With Love,


  3. Why has there been no update for 6 days? Have you been carried off by giant reptiles? I fear for our shared genetic material!

  4. Genetic material source {XX}April 23, 2009 at 9:37 AM

    I,too, am curious about what you two are up to??? I'm loving your cyber African travel log and confess that I found that cliff-hanger week very lo-o-ng. Playing any more futbol with your fan club? Those new pictures of the kids are just great-especially the boy in mid-air...


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