Nothing new in the fishbowl

[Luke, Thursday night]

Nothing terribly exciting to post right now, mostly I'm just bored. I did not, for example, get attacked by any reptlls. We're still at the NGO house, still haven't gotten a hold of our guy. I think the beds we have been given have an experation date, I think that date is soon. The anxiety level creeps a little higher.

So Pat and I were talking about this whole drive one hour and they speak a different language thing, and he brought up an interesting point. What with the lack of highway and the generally bumpy state of the roads here, driving an hour is not very far. We drove for like seven hours to get from Kampala to Lira, which is about 200 kilometers give or take 500. Thats like the distance from Eugene to Portland plus a bit, For anyone who doesn't live in the Willamette valley, I don't know what to tell you, 1.7K= 1Mile. Which by the way, I figured out all by myself using my stallar mental math skills. Like a two hour drive on a USA highway, and we drove through like 10 languages. We were talking with some peeps in K'la and they were saying that for all the languages in the central region, they can all understand eachother's language but can't speak it. Kind of a trip.

BTW, all these facts are generally made up, so don't go citing me in your research papers, we're like Wikipedia.

I think we determined that people here are just friendly and like white people.

And one more thing: I ate Peanutbutter and Jelly (capitalized of course) for dinner last night. I have a little trueism I've been working on. It goes: anytime someone has peanutbutter for dinner, you know their day went wrong somewhere along the way. Peanutbutter is the worst. The devils plaything, put on this earth to irrtate me. The only thing worse than breakfast-for-dinner, is peanutbutter.

So anyways, nothing new in the fishbowl.


  1. I happen to think Peanut Butter (caps) is nothing to scoff at.

    According to one of my favorite websites, "Two peanut farmers have been elected President of the United States: Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter." *

    * Wagner, L (2001). March is National Peanut Month. Retrieved April 1, 2009, from Peanut Butter

    I look forward to, and will pass up many delightful provisions for a peanut picnic.

  2. wa...t, dude,peanut butter is like one of the best dishes,trust me,once mixed with beans and soup n eaten with posho/ kalo (mingled millet) its the bullet.. just give it a try boss..


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