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Since its the end of the month and all the banks are super busy, our most recent adventure has been trying to find a house here in Mbale. It's been an interesting experience, particularly given that both of us have been having tons of fun dealing with our old landlords in the States.

Also, as it turns out, asking for an already furnished house is about the craziest thing people have ever heard of. Lesson learned. Does that mean we need to buy a fridge, stove and beds? Maybe. Does that mean we should just try to find a few apartments instead? Possibly. Are we completely fumbling around in the dark on this? Absolutely. Is that any different from what we normally do? Nope.

Otherwise, I just wanted to post a quick visual comparison between Mbale and Lira:

(Mbale: Note the charming clock tower...)

(The mountain that keeps us cool)

(Lira is equally charming, in its own way)

(But seriously hot and dry)


  1. Hi Patrick!

    How's it going? Great job on the blog, it's been really nice to keep tabs on you. I feel that it's my duty to report that some new dude is going to move into your old cube on Monday (an associate, obviously you couldn't be replace by some rookie RA). So if you were thinking about coming back you should probably get on that pronto. I'm guessing that's unlikely though. Today marks the start of the 2-month countdown for me, it's so exciting! Did I tell you I decided to go to Duke? I'm going to take 2 months of in between to be a degenerate though. Not that I'm not a degenerate at work already, posting on blogs and such instead of (while) billing mad hours...

    We miss you here!


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