Mbugs in our computer

We're back in action after another too long pause, we did not in fact get eaten by lions. We're trying our hardest to post on some sort of regular-ish basis, but have had a few difficulties. For one thing our computer is struggling. We learned the hard way that indiscriminately sticking your flash drive in any old computer gives you the sickness. Duh. It could be that. More likely though, it could be related to the fact that we opened the cd drive to watch a movie and found it full of... you guessed it- ANTS! I don't know why they thought that would be a good place to set up shop, maybe it looked like home? Either way, the old girl's not doing so hot.

(I don't use your house to type term papers, jerk)

We're getting reestablished in our new home Mbale, and I couldn't be happier. I grew to be very fond of Lira, but it was just a hard-livin kind of place. Mbale is to Lira as San Francisco is to Bakersfield- not a bad place by any stretch, just kind of harder and not as sweet. Mbale is much cooler, as in not hot, because its at the base of a looming Lord of the Rings type mountain. We are back on the flipflop business meeting circuit work retracing our steps in a new town, doing a 2.0 kind of deal.

We are going to post more, I swear. We're good though. Loving life, loving being in a city with >1 international food options.


  1. Hey now dear nephews. What's this comparison to Bakersfield supposed to mean? You were here in June, weren't you?


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