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We checked out the most happening night spot in Lira on Thursday night. Club 24/7. All in all it was a pretty fun time. It was actually surprising because Lira is a VERY small town, with maybe three main streets, no stoplights and not too much else. But Club 24/7 was happenin. And the people showed up dressed to impress. once again, as has been our style for much of the time in africa, we were the worst dressed people in the room. Note to self: always wear a collar. ALWAYS. and lose the flips.

Thursday night was reggae night, so we tagged along with some friends to check it out. Now I don't know too much about reggae beyond what I learned from BigUpRadio.com in my cubicle. But I know enough to enjoy it, and to have a good time.

But there were some surprises. For example, when we walked in, it was just standard reggae beats. Chillin. We start chatting with our news friends and order some Nile Special (the dark, strong beer, coming in somewhere just south of Bud Heavy). By and by, we overhear some of the words.

"knock. Jah knock. knock, knockin."

wait, what?

"on heaven's dooooor"

yeah, i think i just heard... a reggae cover of hair metal. That's weird. Some of the other big hits of the night included "hero" by enrique, a song that's always been near and dear to my heart, and "do you believe in life after love" by celine dion CHER, one of the top five most hated songs ever. but as reggae, it kinda worked. Hard to believe.

So we drank beer and danced to reggae beats. Luke saw some excellent cricket highlights on sportscenter while in line at the bar, and we finished the night with some delicious goat meat on a stick. goat is tasty by the way. It's a little salty, but it has a "robust" flavor that i'm really learning to love. much tastier than the beef, which is sorta gnarls.


  1. hahaha interestn,wel, reggae has never been so bad anyway,its an in thing,jst relax,be da drunk n enjoy d beats.. n hey, luke enjoyd cricket highlights.., woah.. pretty fast boy... ny, js catch up on most of those great moments.. Rodney

  2. Rodney!!! You and your sms-speak are too much buddy.

    No but really, the sportscenter. I was like "oh! eff yea! effing sportscenter!" Happy on a level you can't imagine to see my precious nba basketball. Imagine my fury, yes fury, to find the abomination that lay before me. I don't know who you people think you are. Maybe you're South African, maybe you're Euros but whoever you are DSTV, I do not appreciate what you've done to my ESPN programming. I watched for like a long time, and I saw in order: soccer, golf, soccer, cricket, soccer, soccer, cricket, soccer. Oh wait, that's Dirk Nowitzki, he plays basketball. Yep, they showed half a highlight of one game; of a subpar team focused on their reasonably-super star Ze German. Then more soccer. A man has his limits of cultural sensitivity.


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