Time Warp

And we're back...

There hasn't been a lot of electricity in Lira this past week, so that means no internets. These things just happen. But we are going to take advantage of technology, the time change and quantum molecular mechanical dynamics and just retroactively post some things.

Highlights include reggae night in lira town, chillin in the mountains with rasta brown, roots and the french connection and straight Mballin in Mbale (haha. get it? probably not).

(for the fam)


  1. thank you so much for sending the pictures of yourselves, esp.the two of you together on the hilltop--you look so happy!! (sure is green there....)

    Have air-conditioning in your new rooms?

    love, mom

  2. hey hey, luks like top of the world, really cool,there u go in d hills of uganda.. gues u had a blast... Rodney


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