Therapist's Chair II: Hey Mithter

So to keep this thing alive, here is my contribution to the dream interpretation thing. Don't be shy in those comments; it makes us feel a little less on the dark side of the moon (I know more than just our family reads this).

So I'm driving and I pull into the drivethru at like a McDonalds or something, weird enough as I never eat that kind of food. I'm wearing a plain red tee shirt, which will become significant later. Like most McDonalds, it has the three windows. I go past the first window to the second one, and there is a tow headed young Dennis the Menace (actually more like Problem Child) type kid with a pronounced lisp working the window.
He says: "Hey mithter, that'll be thirteen fifty." As I look to down the wad of Ugandan shillings in my hand, he says "Hey Mithter, that'll be one thouthand dollarth."

I'm like "no way, you said it was only $13.50. I'm not paying 1000" And he says: "Thirteen fifty for the food, one thouthand for copywrite infringement." I look at him confused and in explanation he points to his shirt, also a plain red tee. Then I woke up.

Best interpretation as judged by our expert panel receives: one genuine bootleg Barack Obama watch, lightly worn.

Pointed shout out to all my psych majors: if that piece of paper on your wall means anything, you should be able to do better than Pat's Country Club College friends.


  1. do the rest of us get to see the entries?

  2. just American guilt in Africa for being randomly born into such abundance, and cloaked by a very witty subconscious

  3. well done, anonymous.

    interpretations go in the comments and family is of course welcome to play.

  4. Clearly a tip of the hat to the prior comment about the lack of copyright laws it up while you can, cause we got laws here in the states. As for the McDonalds, clearly another proxy for the motherland, America (f-yeah)


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