beautiful day in the neighborhood

good morning everyone. we are officially no longer homeless in africa (hopefully). we got in touch with our guy that we are supposed to be staying with, only had to spend one night in a hotel here and are going to see the place later this morning. hopefully, everything works out and we are all set. but things have a way of not going accordingly to plan around here, so we are just playing it cool.

i really just wanted to say that we went back and added a bunch of pictures to the mbale posts, so be sure to check those out. now it's off to grab some breakfast before meeting with our guy. what is breakfast in uganda like? oh pretty similar. it's called Katogo, check it out:

(steamed plantains and goat meat. breakfast of champions)


  1. u can not be homeless in Uganda,not if am still held on the face face of the earth by the good merciful grace of GOD. wat r friends for anyway...? Rodney


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